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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2004|03:29 pm]
Lovin 4 the Locals [Augusta Music Scene Community]

[music |hum - if you are to bloom]

No one ever posts anything in here. I believe you guys forget that Augusta actually does have a music scene. Take advantage! Statesboro's not so lucky!

Anyway, when I was in Augusta last Saturday, Nathan and I went to the Soul Bar to chill with a pirate having his eleventh-annual twenty-first birthday party. Shaun Piazza Band played first, and while I can't deny that they do seem quite talented, I personally felt that they were too Honky-Tonk-Dave-Matthews for my taste. The next band was Macha, which seemed to me like a bit of a psychadelic rock kind of thing. Again, while I couldn't deny their talent, it just really wasn't what I wanted to listn to. Nathan seemed to like them, though. But you know, that's Nathan, and this isn't his post. No lovin' for those locals, or at least not from me. Oh well...There will always be more Augusta bands to listen to (or bitch about).

By the way, I'll be back in Augusta this weekend. If anyone knows of some good music that's playing, lemme know. Something a bit more upbeat and less trippy would be nice.
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2004|01:22 pm]
Lovin 4 the Locals [Augusta Music Scene Community]
wow, we really haven't updated this. no worries, it'll happen. IN recent news for local music, a week or so ago a young lakeside student, who will go unnamed (mostly because i can't remember his name... may that be a little taste of his so called future music career), played out the Imperial theatre, one of the best music venues in augusta, short of the civic center or belle auditorium. The child's abilities were much less than note-worthy and would have been more suitable in a middleschool talent show.
so, how did he get a gig, headlining at the imperial theatre, well, when mom and dad are willing to throw out the cash, you'd be surprised how far a no-talent rugrat with an acoustic guitar could go. i know i was. there were commercials on the television running about every two hours, radio commercials, professional fliers, and newspaper advertisements. unfortunately for you, said 'musician' the only way there will be a record contract in your future is for mom and dad to start up a record company.
good luck.

signing off:
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2004|02:16 am]
Lovin 4 the Locals [Augusta Music Scene Community]
According to their Myspace page (contrary to the listing in the Hangnail's page) UnderOATH is playing at the Hangnail Gallery July 2nd, this Friday. The validity of this claim remains to be seen.

EDIT: Myspace is acting goofy, and this show may not be happening after all. More info = more updates.

EDIT: Yeah, this is probably a load of crap. Sorry for posting it. I'd delete it but 1. We have 3 members and 2. We have one entry.
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